Nursing blunders…..

Well… my previous post was abt the nurses and their shortcomings.

This one is also in the similar vein.
My sis who read the post, mentioned a similar experience that my father had while he was hospitalized. He was 80 plus and was a true representative of his times…aloof, quiet, dignified and not used to physical touch even by his own children. But as fate would have it, he was in for an unpleasant experience.
The young nurses and the nurse trainees, used to surround him, call him ‘thatha’ and pinch his cheeks and giggle, saying that he is very cute. Dad hated that with all his heart, but how sad, he couldn’t do anything about it as the nurses giggled more when he said that he doesn’t like to be touched…
My sis had no idea that such a thing was happening as she had no access to the ICU. She came to know all about it only after he was shifted out of the ICU.
I wish that the  nurses were taught that the patients lying down totally helpless in the hospital bed wearing those silly gowns would also have been highly learned, and might have held high and powerful positions in their lives and that people might have looked upon them with respect and fear.

2 thoughts on “Nursing blunders…..

  1. Nurses need to learn from this! That sucks he was treated like that, it frustrates me to no end. He should have been treated with respect and dignity.

  2. This is not happening in Hospital only. You go to any govt office, you will be treated like an illiterate. They do not care for your MBA degree or PhD. They do not care your personality… They talk in singular. The helplessness can be felt if you travel by a city bus or a local train. People push you as if they are running in between a herd of buffaloes. Once I happened to give a small speech in a High End school. It was an oratorical contest and I was to act as Judge. Young girls and boys talked about Indian economy and poverty. I asked the 300 odd audience of young India whether anyone had experienced a travel in a Town bus. There was none. The school was about a KM from Indian parliament Delhi. at least one or two from the same tribe will reach the Parliament as MP in future. I felt nervous and shaky….

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