They attend….

I am glad to note that the human kindness is still alive even in this fast phased life.

During my 6 -month-long-experience in the hospital, as an inpatient, opd visitor, lab visits and so on, I have noticed several good people whose kind gestures we are likely to forget in a moment or two.  I wish to record some of those meaningful deeds with gratitude.

  • Once when I was struggling to reach the fruit platter, a lady who was obviously an attendant, picked it up and gave it to me with a smile.
  • Another day, when I had to amble to the wash room, dragging the portable i v stand, a gentleman took it from me and even opened the door, in spite of my refusing any help.
  • The book I was reading slipped and fell down, and I was trying to reach it from my bed.. You know the hospital beds are such contraptions, with too many controls sticking out of them. This person who was passing by my bed, quietly picked it up, gave it to me and walked away without even waiting for a thank you.
  • Sometimes the patient’s voice wouldn’t be loud enough to reach the nurses. At those moments, the attendants for the other patients would go to the nurses and tell them to attend so and so.
  • Many times they look at you and just smile which is very welcome anyday.
  • I remember the little child who wandered to my bedside, looked at what i was drawing and brought her mother to have a look at it. The little one was more fascinated by my eraser rather than my painting.
  • The young girl who had accompanied her mother all the way from Jaipur to Bombay, for treatment. Just 20 plus and wow,  what a maturity and how compassionate!  I wish her well all through her life!
  • The girlfriend who was attending her youngman with grief written large on her face.
  • There were scores of others like a security guard, whose silent acknowledgement was all packed with good wishes.
  • The faint smile I have come across on the faces of the fellow patients, in spite of their ailments deserve a mention in this post.

As I mentioned in the beginning, many such gestures I have forgotten as a typical citizen from a fast phased city. However, now that my in- patient days are over, someday I would read these posts, and remember at least this many good people who gladdened my heart.

Haunted by a pretty face…..!

A pretty face,  fringed by soft wavy tresses has been haunting me for the past three days!

I had been to the oncology ward for an injection… There my eyes caught sight of a young woman lying down on the bed, with chemo drugs flowing in… Her eyes were closed.. and her husband was sitting on the bed holding her hand.  I felt a little sad and then almost forgot all about her..

Then, while chatting with a doctor friend, I came to know how this young lady ended up in this ward.

The couple had been taking fertility treatment.. What they got was not a baby, but breast cancer!!

My doctor friend was very sure that cancer has been caused by fertility treatment in this particular case and she also added that medical research is going on to establish the link between fertility treatment and breast cancer. It seems the debate is not yet in the open. This was a shocking revelation for me..As soon as I returned home, I browsed the net and found out that, with the increase in the age of marriage and postponing of child birth, women seek the help of fertility treatment and that several cases of consequent breast cancer have been reported.

My heart goes out to the young couple, who will have to go through months and months of physical and emotional trauma…

I wish the young generation start their family in the right age! Supposing something goes wrong and child birth becomes a challenge, why not adopt a child instead of subjecting the woman’s body, mind and soul to so much of stress?

Matters of Heart

 It is a romantic comedy.

Venue: oncology day care ward.

Main actor: a freshly minted nurse, who had been assigned the job of flushing the catheter and removing the needle from the chemo port.

Spectator: Only me.

The shot begins:

The nurse came to me with her tray and took out a tiny bottle of saline i think which had to be syringed in and she was half way through.

Now comes the climax..A young man of abt 22 or 23, walked into the ward, must be an attendant for his mom or some one dear to him. He just noticed the nurse and flashed a smile at her…


The next thing that I noticed was that everything slipped from her hand and the medicine spilt on the table…She was completely flustered, mumbled something and ran to the station…Meanwhile i was amused by the axe effect the boy had on the girl..Of course, I also thought about the extra payment i will have to make for the new injection needle and medicine. And also heaved a sigh of relief that it did not happen when chemo drug is injected, as it can burn the skin of the patient if spilt over.

Okay, apart from these worries, I also reflected over the fact that even the over worked and yelled at nurses also have their share of adrenalin rush when encountered by attractive young men… Well, they deserve the break, but god save oldies like me, from impending disasters!

                            /The End/




Some exceptions..

This is not going to be a tirade against the nurses as in my previous posts. it is about some one I could relate to and another one who saved my life.

First about a nurse who saved my life..Soon after a major surgery, I was sent back to my room. But within a few hours all the parameters failed. BP sank,  urine output was nil and what else i don’t know…The nurse raised an alarm, and a team moved in to shift me to ICU and revive me…My heartfelt thanks to her for monitoring me carefully…Her name is Smitha.

The other one is a nurse who comes to my house every now and then to collect blood sample. She knows pretty well that I am a chemo patient but doesn’t treat me like one…She is friendly, casual and cheerful. After so many visits, now she has become my personal friend, FB and also What’s app friend. Her name is Nehal.

By the by, neither Smitha, nor Nehal is a Mallu….