Some exceptions..

This is not going to be a tirade against the nurses as in my previous posts. it is about some one I could relate to and another one who saved my life.

First about a nurse who saved my life..Soon after a major surgery, I was sent back to my room. But within a few hours all the parameters failed. BP sank,  urine output was nil and what else i don’t know…The nurse raised an alarm, and a team moved in to shift me to ICU and revive me…My heartfelt thanks to her for monitoring me carefully…Her name is Smitha.

The other one is a nurse who comes to my house every now and then to collect blood sample. She knows pretty well that I am a chemo patient but doesn’t treat me like one…She is friendly, casual and cheerful. After so many visits, now she has become my personal friend, FB and also What’s app friend. Her name is Nehal.

By the by, neither Smitha, nor Nehal is a Mallu….


3 thoughts on “Some exceptions..

  1. Sure the medical profession is a noble one indeed. But the fact is not all are so dedicated like Smitha and Nehal.. I was about to a ask whether they are Mallus… Dedication is beyond any barrier. Sense of service is voluntary. It is not there in everyone’s blood…..Smithas & Nehals are still there. My sincere wishes to them.Let the tribe grow!!!

  2. Anyone taking up nursing profession should be given their first lesson on being responsible .
    Then the other qualities of being understanding,tolerant and caring should be imbibed in them in their training.
    Then only they should proceed to learn nursing care the professional way.
    It applies to everyone in medical field.
    I am a victim of a careless and reckless house surgeon’s fault in the operation theater

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