Matters of Heart

 It is a romantic comedy.

Venue: oncology day care ward.

Main actor: a freshly minted nurse, who had been assigned the job of flushing the catheter and removing the needle from the chemo port.

Spectator: Only me.

The shot begins:

The nurse came to me with her tray and took out a tiny bottle of saline i think which had to be syringed in and she was half way through.

Now comes the climax..A young man of abt 22 or 23, walked into the ward, must be an attendant for his mom or some one dear to him. He just noticed the nurse and flashed a smile at her…


The next thing that I noticed was that everything slipped from her hand and the medicine spilt on the table…She was completely flustered, mumbled something and ran to the station…Meanwhile i was amused by the axe effect the boy had on the girl..Of course, I also thought about the extra payment i will have to make for the new injection needle and medicine. And also heaved a sigh of relief that it did not happen when chemo drug is injected, as it can burn the skin of the patient if spilt over.

Okay, apart from these worries, I also reflected over the fact that even the over worked and yelled at nurses also have their share of adrenalin rush when encountered by attractive young men… Well, they deserve the break, but god save oldies like me, from impending disasters!

                            /The End/





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