Haunted by a pretty face…..!

A pretty face,  fringed by soft wavy tresses has been haunting me for the past three days!

I had been to the oncology ward for an injection… There my eyes caught sight of a young woman lying down on the bed, with chemo drugs flowing in… Her eyes were closed.. and her husband was sitting on the bed holding her hand.  I felt a little sad and then almost forgot all about her..

Then, while chatting with a doctor friend, I came to know how this young lady ended up in this ward.

The couple had been taking fertility treatment.. What they got was not a baby, but breast cancer!!

My doctor friend was very sure that cancer has been caused by fertility treatment in this particular case and she also added that medical research is going on to establish the link between fertility treatment and breast cancer. It seems the debate is not yet in the open. This was a shocking revelation for me..As soon as I returned home, I browsed the net and found out that, with the increase in the age of marriage and postponing of child birth, women seek the help of fertility treatment and that several cases of consequent breast cancer have been reported.

My heart goes out to the young couple, who will have to go through months and months of physical and emotional trauma…

I wish the young generation start their family in the right age! Supposing something goes wrong and child birth becomes a challenge, why not adopt a child instead of subjecting the woman’s body, mind and soul to so much of stress?


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