They attend….

I am glad to note that the human kindness is still alive even in this fast phased life.

During my 6 -month-long-experience in the hospital, as an inpatient, opd visitor, lab visits and so on, I have noticed several good people whose kind gestures we are likely to forget in a moment or two.  I wish to record some of those meaningful deeds with gratitude.

  • Once when I was struggling to reach the fruit platter, a lady who was obviously an attendant, picked it up and gave it to me with a smile.
  • Another day, when I had to amble to the wash room, dragging the portable i v stand, a gentleman took it from me and even opened the door, in spite of my refusing any help.
  • The book I was reading slipped and fell down, and I was trying to reach it from my bed.. You know the hospital beds are such contraptions, with too many controls sticking out of them. This person who was passing by my bed, quietly picked it up, gave it to me and walked away without even waiting for a thank you.
  • Sometimes the patient’s voice wouldn’t be loud enough to reach the nurses. At those moments, the attendants for the other patients would go to the nurses and tell them to attend so and so.
  • Many times they look at you and just smile which is very welcome anyday.
  • I remember the little child who wandered to my bedside, looked at what i was drawing and brought her mother to have a look at it. The little one was more fascinated by my eraser rather than my painting.
  • The young girl who had accompanied her mother all the way from Jaipur to Bombay, for treatment. Just 20 plus and wow,  what a maturity and how compassionate!  I wish her well all through her life!
  • The girlfriend who was attending her youngman with grief written large on her face.
  • There were scores of others like a security guard, whose silent acknowledgement was all packed with good wishes.
  • The faint smile I have come across on the faces of the fellow patients, in spite of their ailments deserve a mention in this post.

As I mentioned in the beginning, many such gestures I have forgotten as a typical citizen from a fast phased city. However, now that my in- patient days are over, someday I would read these posts, and remember at least this many good people who gladdened my heart.


3 thoughts on “They attend….

  1. Yes, I understand. The close ones cannot be by your side all the time and there are times when we are left alone to face things good and bad all by ourselves and those are the precious moments as we learn the philosophy of life. All in the game.

  2. Dear Akka,
    The feelings, spontaneous, have come from the core of your heart. True, in life, we come across a number of such people who without any expectation. In moments of melancholy, we do recollect that faded faces to thankfully acknowledge. This is a nice gesture to those unknown faces which just sparkle and vanish from the sight. The contents of your blog are good for making a poem . why not you try that even? One who sees the positive of everything is the person who has really lives the life. Enjoy every moment and the Moments will make you happy. Keep writing…

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