Cancer claimed a young life yesterday. A 33 year old young man who was working as a peon passed away.

Yesterday morning, my husband got a message asking for help to admit this young man in a charity hospital for treatment. Immediately he contacted many people and somehow managed to get admission for the patient on priority basis, and also on partial payment. Then he tried to arrange donors to meet the expenses. Before he could complete his calls, he got a further message informing that the young man was no more.

We came to know that this man had been knocking at the doors of the charity hospital for the past three months. Though he was given treatment as an out patient, he could not be given admission for that very important surgical procedure which could have saved his life, and the reason was that the waiting list was too long. It is understandable because people from all over India come to this particular hospital for treatment.

On hearing this news, I recalled all the success stories of people whom I know personally. The 40 year old NRI who beat a deadly tumor because he has the dollar magic. The 50 year old police officer, who is today continuing with her gun-toting job as she had the support of the government. The 55 year old publisher who hails from an affluent family.. A 64 year old teacher who is this day fighting a valiant battle, with the promise of 100 percent survival as she has a good bank balance. Though I am happy for every one of them, my heart grows heavy, that young lives are lost and their families are left without the bread winner, as they have neither money nor the right contacts. Wish that Indian population were small enough and the waiting lists were not there! Wish tht no one should be deprived of their right to education, right to live,  just because the population is huge!


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  1. I too share your sentiments. Wish that there is equal distribution of wealth, wish that temple wealth stashed away in banks are utilised for charity purposes Wish that AMBANIS, BIRLAs and other Indian billionaires learn philanthropy from people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

  2. This is where insurance plays a vital role. It is for all ,even for the have nots.. Cancer package policies are available at a nominal premium. The State Governments have to make tie-up arrangements with the specialty hospitals and provide treatment facilities to save precious lives. Already some work is done in this direction and more awareness should be created.

    • insurance is for people who can put aside a little money, after ensuring a budget for the basic needs. Those who cannot meet both ends, can never think about insurance. They only depend on the philanthropic mind of the rich and affluent.
      Maybe the insurance companies should launch more awareness programmes regarding the cancer package policies and at least the lower middle class would benefit from it.

      • In countries like UK, Netherlands etc, there is compulsory insurance at cheaper costs, on the principles of group insurance. When I was going thro’ Netherlands economy for my class purpose, I learnt that the entire senior citizens are taken care of by the state. This is too good. In India also, some attempts were made. But then the priority in this country is politics and nothing more. Why Ambanis or TATAs… Even the upper middle class also can think of sponsoring somebody. We only can talk or write.. I include myself also. A welfare state in its totality is what is wanted. The case quoted by you is not an isolated one. 100s of thousands in this country are deprived of the basic medical care.

        I guess that you must initiate a Trust for the treatment of serious ailments.. first in a small level and help a few. It can grow to a giant size, who knows

  3. When I started my journalism journey, (i am a freelance journalist) I wrote a story on thousands of patients waiting outside hospitals like AIIMS for my newspaper. About how they brave the cold chilly nights without shelter, how they just wait and wait and finally give up one day without getting a chance to even meet the doctor. I was hardly 21 and I could feel the trauma that they went through. However, my story was outrightly rejected. I was told that such stories have been written N number of times and readers are no longer interested in such topics and blah blah. My boss said that nothing changes in our society, no point writing about it. And that the poor will become poorer, rich richer. However, I still believe that things will change. Sadly it is going to take ages. All I can do now is pray. God, please spare the poor. They were denied basic human rights, at least plz God, don’t take away their right to live, to live without pain.
    I am happy that you at least tried to help and that you are doing your bit for the society. Your blog has once again motivated me to continue to create awareness through my writing.

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