Farewell to a friend

Two members of my online support group had happy news to share with us in the past two weeks. One is a working woman aged 40 plus, has a family, and also a good financial background. She kept working on and off all through her treatment. She has completed her treatment and she is back to her normal life.

Another is a young woman of 31, unmarried, no parents and still a student doing her research. Six months back, more or less the same time, I was diagnosed with the malignancy, she joined the group and I remember her first post even now. She mentioned that she needed financial support as she was still a student and her parents are no more. All the members and the moderator of the group suggested a few places where the treatment would be good and also the expenses would be reasonable. After that I dont know how she managed her finances. Every now and then she would post her queries regarding the side effects of the treatment. Couple of days back she informed us that her treatment which comprised of a breast conservation surgery, 6 cycles of chemotherapy, and 27 sessions of radiation have all come to an end, and she walked out of the hospital feeling really free.

All of us were very happy for her and poured out sincere good wishes in abundance. Now there is so much for her to do.. She has to finish her doctorate, get a job, find a partner, who would be selfless enough to marry a cancer survivor…, bear children, overcome the fear of passing on the defective gene to the girl baby, monitor her own health and watch over possibilities of recurrence…. We all wish her the very best to ┬átackle all the challenges and emerge successful just as she won over this disease.