New beginnings


It is the beginning of yet another new year! Every year we greet each other for a life filled with happiness, success, peace on earth and so on!.Most of us take these just for granted. Even I used to accept and pass on these clitches without much thought. New year used to be yet another celebration. But not this year!

Every word of greeting had a new meaning for me this year. If you suffer pain, discomfort, loss of self respect and bouts of depression for eight long months, and if your ordeal gets over exactly on the new year’s eve, then the dawn of New year means a lot to You. I cherish every greeting sent by my friends and family. Though I didn’t party, though I didn’t attend a midnight mass, though I didn’t churn out special dishes from my kitchen, I felt good at the stroke of 12 and happily watched the fireworks from my window. I was happy to wake up and open the facebook and to be greeted by all the friends and acquaintances.

Glad to be alive… I have lost many of my feminine attributes in this battle with the emperor of maladies.. I am less attractive, acquired more wrinkles, more discolourations… still no problem. This is the NEW ME. I know that I am not completely out of the danger zone. Still as I said I am glad to be alive, glad to be the life partner of the man who has proved beyond doubt that he wants me in his life, glad to be the mother who has to see the child through career, marriage and child birth. And now I wish to mention a few people who have contributed to my recovery and my emerging of as a new woman. They are my facebook friends like Shyam shri, Adaikala Devi, Viji Venkatesh, Sheriff Mohideen, Ponni, siddarthan, Nivedita. These people used to appreciate my paintings and kept my spirit buoyant. They were giving me a therapy unknowingly. Especially shyam shri, a past student of mine, who is genuine and caring. Similarly whenever Nivi marked a ‘like’ for my work I used to feel really happy.

My doctors vanitha Raut,. Deepak Chabbra, Amol Pradhan, Prasad Rajkar are more than doctors. They have proved to be friends who are really concerned about me.

My closest friends Snehalatha and Neetha have always been there to give me emotional support which can come only from friends.

My nieces Shanthi and Mrudhula with whom I share a deep bond used to express their love quite often.

Last, but not least, my siblings Selvaraj, Natraj, and Vedha, my sis in law Mekalai, and my nephew Naveen have all been at my bed side many times. I have the best family. I am also glad that my parents have passed away as they would not have been able to bear the news of my illness.

In short everything has been perfect and enabled me to witness the birth of a new year. This new Me is going to enjoy each and everyday of this new year!!!


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