Ammu’s birthday

Amu's bday2

It is holi . The neighbourhood has come alive with music, colours and of course a lot of pollution. Still it is a good feeling.

It is also Ammu’s birthday. The birthday party was very enjoyable as u can make out from my big and hearty laughter.
There are several reasons why this day was important for me. Ammu is two years old now and it was exactly two years ago that I visited her in the hospital and then proceeded for my treatment. At that time, her birth was a sort of good omen for me. In these two years, the uterine cancer was treated, cured and I thought it was all over and done with, but only to be reminded that it is the emperor of maladies and that I have to fight many more battles. There was a recurrence of primary cancer and this time it was in the breast. Right now I am okay and almost forgotten that I have just got cured. I enjoyed myself, had cake and all the goodies and also a generous helping of biriyani. The result was I had a sleepless night with tummy ache.
Never mind.. it is all worthwhile. Another reason, my daughter prepared a beautiful audio visual covering the life of the little angel Ammu and it was appreciated by everybody.
The next big reason is today she is going to get her first payment as an intern. The little baby who held my hand firmly with her silky touch 21 years ago, is finally marching to independence. Any parent would be happy at a moment like this, all the more so with me as the sword of Damocles is still hanging up there.