How far?

One of my support group members had posted that he and his wife travel 200 kms every Monday morning for the radiation and they have to do it for 5 weeks. As a result his wife suffers a low grade fever.

In reply to this post another member had written that his wife suffered still worse. She was travelling 150 kms every day for her radiotherapy

I just cant imagine the physical hardships these ladies are enduring. Imagine the effect of such a strenuous journey on the body of the cancer patient which is already battered up by surgeries and chemotherapy.

Only those who live in major cities have easy access to medical facilities in India. There are tall talks about how India caters to the medical needs of people from overseas. They brag about medical tourism and the resultant revenue. But our own Indians from villages and small towns also have to go on medical tourism to metros. Is it fair? That too right now when the politicians are making tall claims to great achievements in all walks of life.

Good quality schools and hospitals within the easy reach of everybody is what we need and no amount of communication satelites, luxury sedans and all the freebies can compensate this inadequacy.

Many NGOs are conducting awareness programmes about cancer screening. Good job…but at the same time the hospitals should be equipped with infrastructure for diagnosis and treatment. Who will do that?