Left behind

All my posts so far have been about the patients and what they go through..

But this time it is about a person whom the patient has left behind.

This young man (42) with two little boys has been left behind by his wife who succumbed to the dreaded disease of cancer. Understandably his first reaction was anger. He posted all his frustration about the doctors who treated her. He was convinced that the treatment was wrong and finally he declared the allopathic treatment which involves surgery chemotherapy and radiation is all wrong and one should seek alternative treatment.

Now for the past few days his posts in fb are all indicative of deep depression. He has given a list of his family members who have died in the past 30 years.

And one of his recent posts was about how his future is all bleak and that he has lost all hope of any happiness. He doesn’t find any purpose in his living. He has made a request to his fb contacts to delete his name.

The worst was yet to come. Yesterday he made another post from the id of his departed wife, which declared that they just got married a day back. This made me panic. He has surely sunken into deep depression.

Everyone is asking him to be strong, prayerful, to live for his two young sons etc etc. I don’t think this is the right advice. I think he should be encouraged to live for himself first so that he can take care of others later. An adventure holiday, a robust game, even an affair might help him to come out of this misery.

Do u have any suggestions other than psychiatric help?

The pity is his birth family is all no more. He had lost his parents in his childhood and he recently lost his only sibling. Naturally the untimely death of his wife is haunting him.

I hope someone reaches out to him before it is too late…….