The fifty percent bracket

Last year on 31 of December, my treatment came to an end. I came out of the radiation department and heaved a sigh of relief. My doctor told me that a cancer survivor is in fifty percent risk of re occurrence for the first one year, and that the risk factor reduces into 25 percent, then 12 percent and then 6 percent as each year passes by and that after 5 years , you are just like any other person, you may or may not get it at all.

Now that first year and 50 percent risk is drawing to a close, i have a reason to smile. Even though I know that this kind of mathematical calculations do not work with the kind of disease that cancer is, still I like to believe that risk factor will reduce after another 8 days, when the new year dawns on Jan 1st. Why not? If fiction keeps you happy, go ahead, immerse yourself in fiction.

Tonight my house is dressed up with the christmas fineries,,,, stars, bells and holly everywhere,,,, the fairy lights are twinkling in multicolours… Wine and cake on the table….. Baby Jesus in the crib….And I am thankful that tne year had been good to me, though a couple of things did not go the way i wanted. The family enjoyed good health and a few holidays, one at chennai, another at coimbatore and another at Chandigarh,,, Daughter got admission to PG diploma and she even went to Canada for a study tour. I am hopeful that the next year would be still better.