2015 - 1 (3)

2015 is going to be an ordeal for some one I know for the past 16 years. She is a 52 year old finance executive, an active member of the Church, and a mother of two children in their twenties. I have had just a hi-bye relationship with  her, but know her all the same. She has been just diagnosed with tongue cancer.  Her treatment will begin next week and whatever any one says, i know life is not going to be easy for her. The silver lining is that the survival rate is 95% percent for stage 1 patients like her, and there are reconstruction options. Living in a city with a top class hospital within easy reach, no financial problems and above all blessed with a supportive spouse and children, are some of the plus points she has.. BUT,  when it comes to cancer treatment, you are ‘alone.. all alone’ and you have to deal with the psychological aspects.  However, unlike me, she is an active christian, who believes in sunday church etc, in the tradition of a typical south indian christian. I hope that gives her solace and strength. As far as I am concerned, every cancer survivor has two parts in their life, ‘bc and ac'(before cancer and after cancer) and you are not the same person anymore, however hard you try to be…

Well, I have one more reason for this blogpost. We live in the carcinogenic atmosphere because of the harmful chemicals infused into the food we eat, water we drink and the air that we breathe. So we have to be cautious. If anybody has an ulcer of the mouth for more than two weeks, it would be wise to check it out with an ENT or dentist and get a biopsy done to rule out the possibility of malignancy

Hoping for the very best for this friend of mine, whom i wish i had known better and who has to undergo not just surgery, chemo and radiation, but also speech therapy. Writing about her eases out that distress deep down, ever since i heard the news.

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