A mother’s misery

2015 - 1 (2)This post is a continuation of the previous one ‘speechless’

A few months back I had posted the experience of a friend of mine who developed malignancy in her tongue. Miraculously she walked out of the hospital after the surgery and she didn’t require any further treatment, Her vocal cords were safe and she could speak well. When the family got over the rough patch and settled down to their normal routine, another bolt came from the blue.

This time it is the daughter aged 24, who was pursuing her postgraduation overseas. The doctors suspect malignancy in the ovaries. The family is totally devastated. meanwhile the brave young lady, decided to get baptized before she goes under the knife. So a simple ceremony was arranged in the church and the young lady declared her faith and had the symbolic holy water sprinkled on her thus accepting her into the fold. Normally i dont care much about the rituals. but this time, i was moved and sent up a prayer for her to be cured. Right now her surgery is over, one ovary has been removed and the tumour has been sent for biopsy.

We are all keeping the fingers crossed. Hope she comes out of this ordeal unscathed. And she should, for the sake of the mother who has just undergone an operation for the carcinoma of the tongue.