See you sometime


In these past 9 months, I have not had time to post anything. That’s because I was busy with my normal life, which has been very satisfying. It may sound a normal thing for others, but it means a lot for a survivor. There were days when I was thinking about the disease, myself and all the people who were affected. I have been a member of groups constituted by survivors. Now all that has become a thing of past.

There is no darkness in my life. I have become busy with my kitchen, which starts at 6 in the morning, and breakfasts are provided, lunch box is packed. And after that my paint and brush beckons me. I picked up new hobbies like embroidery, crochet etc.

By chance I started making jewelry out of crochet thread and it was such a hit in the immediate circles, and led to exhibitions, sales, and also creation of an online store. And today i have an online store, of course it is early days.

My paintings have found a place in an online store. Again yet to sell anything, however it feels good, that i have reached the next level.

So far, so good. I think there will not be any posts at least for another one year. I am going to play this secret game with Time, and also wait and watch what other good things are going to happen. So Bye for sometime.

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